After the Silence

Somewhere back there in an end-of-the-year post, I said I was going to try to blog more regularly.  Now, it’s been a month since my last post.  Monthly is not “regularly” but I will keep trying.  If I thought things were going to settle down around here, they didn’t.  I got a nasty upper respiratory thing that lasted two weeks and I had to cancel a weekend’s worth of knitting classes (four classes!) and now try to reschedule them.  Whew.  Crazypants.

In the meantime, I did do some things to tell you about.  Right before I got sick, Paul and I went to Portsmouth, NH for a post-holiday-busyness getaway.

IMG_6717 IMG_6718




We went to this place twice for breakfast:

IMG_6729 IMG_6711 IMG_6728

(I took that shot to show you the yummy popovers but also because they have a drink called a Wooly Mitten!)

We drove through a snowstorm to get to LLBean:


The storm was over on our way back so we stopped at The Yarn Sellar yarn shop!:


A great shop!  I got a few things:


We stopped at Hampton Beach to see some water and waves:


I worked on Paul’s Perun vest in the car and made some good progress:


I think I told you I had started this, right?  Well, if not, I will repeat that I will have to steek it and install a zipper, both things I am very nervous about. I hope it doesn’t keep me from finishing it before spring (which is now 6 weeks away).

In other news, Paul got this silly condiment dispenser for Christmas:


In doodlebug news, the demise of Miss Ladybug’s Big Pink Ball was the news of last week:


It went the way of Mr. Doodlebug’s Big Blue Ball, which is to say it just hit the corner of something wrong after a really good kick.  There was sadness, but we all have moved on and embraced the 6 other Little Purple and Blue Balls that didn’t really get played with too much before.

They also helped me make these:


Healthy oat bran muffins with banana and applesauce.  No flour, no sugar.  They taste as you might expect.  Like nothing.  But they taste a lot like butter if you put enough of that on them.  Miss Ladybug bowed out of the preparations after a while because she couldn’t stand the smell of the oat bran!

I’ve got other knitting to show you but that will have to wait for next time.  Hopefully not a month from now.