A List

A list for you today!

1) We are having a little ice storm today.  Luckily I got to the dentist and back before it started. (No cavities! AND my dentist now has warm towelettes to wash your face after your cleaning. How froofy!)

2) The Rough Waters cowl class was fun this weekend.  Here are the works-in-progress:

Lots of practice with yarn overs and sk2p’s.

3) You may have noticed a new little heading near the top of my home page that says: “My Favorite Things Amazon Store”.  (If you are on a mobile device, click on “Menu”) That is a link to my Amazon store where you can find a bunch of my favorite things (knitting related and non-knitting related).  If you purchase something through there, I get a tiny commission, which helps pay for my blogging host fees. Thank you for your support!

4) While I was not knitting this weekend, my mom came for a visit and we chatted and watched tv.  And had ice cream. A pretty good substitute for not knitting!

5) What I’m making in the crock pot right now: Honey-Garlic Slow Cooker Chicken Thighs.  This is the second time I’m making this recipe – excellent.  And so easy!

6) How about a little book review? I recently read: Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 1).  Aside from Twilight this is the only other vampire book I have read.  I think I liked it.  It was just very weird to read about vampires as if they were an everyday thing. And it was a little gory. Otherwise a good mystery with some romancy things thrown in.  This series is what the tv show True Blood is based on.  I have the next two in the series, Living Dead in Dallas and Club Dead, waiting in the wings but will wait a bit to read those. There is only so much vampire stuff I can take. (click on any of those links to purchase on Amazon)

7) And here are some additions to my Ravelry queue, accumulating while I can’t knit:

Triteia cowl

Cloud Covered Scarf

MinimalSockz (#800 in my queue. I better be able to start knitting soon so I can start on those 800 patterns.)

Enough typing. Off to heat and rest.

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  1. Hi Lizzy …good fun this weekend – thanks !!! Hope your soaks are becoming less tedious – and elbows less hurtful. STILL wishing i ate more of that ice cream ..BTW, AGAIN, live that cowel …oh – thanks for your book suggestions!

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