A Hat Three Times

I think I already told you I found this GREAT hat to knit and have a class.  The Langfield hat by Martina Behm.  I love her patterns.  It’s very cool because it has a multidirectional look to it, and it is not knit in the round like a traditional hat.  Something new and interesting as far as hat knitting goes.

So I made one (Hat #1)!




It was pretty small.  Looks like cat ears, no?  I was so afraid I would run out of yarn that I started the second section too soon and pretended that I really wasn’t stretching the first section too much to get it to fit around my head.  But I was.  Delusions of knitting.

So this happened…


Ripped it out to make that triangle bigger like it should have been in the first place.  But then I decided, since I knew how to knit the hat now, I should really make it in a yarn that The Spinning Room carries, to have it as a class sample.

So I left that one up there as is, and made this one (Hat #2) with Noro Silk Garden:


So pretty and fits so much better. I’d show you it on the Styrofoam head, but I lent it to someone.  Trust me, it’s bigger and is SO comfortable!

Then I re-knit the other one and finished that last night (Hat #1 knit again, so Hat #3):


It is not that bright. It is a tonal navy color.  Love this pattern.  And now that I’ve knit it three times, I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to teach it in a class.  (Scheduled for April 30 & May7 at The Spinning Room!)

And speaking of classes, I finished my Diane shawl and I absolutely love, Love, LOVE it!

IMG_6849 IMG_6861 IMG_6859 (2)

L O V E ! (Class scheduled for May 1 at The Spinning Room!)

On to the search for a spring/summer cotton-or-lightweight-yarn top/cardi/tee pattern.  I’m thinking of doing Berry Creek.


4 thoughts on “A Hat Three Times

  1. Love the Diane shawl. Very pretty. I’m waiting for you to teach a pullover class. I like those better than cardigans. (Hint, hint!)

    1. I’ll see if I can find some inspiration Bea! I love cardigans so that’s usually what I have available to teach!

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