A Few Things

Only a few little things to tell you today…

1) The Doughnut Muffins were a big hit at the yarn shop the other day.


Really, you MUST make them.

2) We got ice cream.  Again.


This time it was at Kurver Kreme, which has been around for a loooooooong time.  And they just opened, so we HAD to go.  I started a tally over there on the right side of the blog page in case you were interested in knowing exactly how many times we get ice cream in a season.  Because seriously, don’t you want to know?

2.5) I also put a little doo-hickey that shows my Pinterest activity in case you’d like to follow me there.  Usually I put recipes I try and crafts I do with the doodlebugs, and of course my Lizy Tish Knits Designs!

3) Out and about this weekend, we got this:


A nice spring-y flag for putting out front.  But, we can’t put it out because it is so darn windy again.  And it’s only 21 degrees today. Come ON spring!

4) Doodlebug question of the week, asked while washing hands: “Auntie Liz, is this waterproof soap?”

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