A Few Random Things (including crochet!)

So, I did a little crocheting! I worked on my Moorland crochet-a-long blanket (from the Attic 24 blog)

Got the Khaki row finished and started the Meadow row.  I am only doing a few minutes at a time and trying to go very SLOWLY so progress will be extremely slow. I am woefully behind as the CAL is just about finished (the post for how to do the edging is due up next week) but that’s ok.  It’s not a race. Thank goodness.

There has also been some kitchen experimenting around here.  My dad told us about the Presto 06006 Kitchen Kettle Multi-Cooker/Steamer which he makes stews and soups and french fries in.  Paul’s eyes widened when he heard french fries.  So we got one and made some fries….

The day we wanted to make them, we only had some baby red potatoes on hand but they were great!  We will definitely be experimenting with more frying.  And soup.

I finished a great book called Luckiest Girl Alive: A Novel  Lots of twists and turns in this book about a woman trying to maintain a new life despite some major events that happened in high school and which catch up with her. The author is great at dropping little bombshell pieces of information then taking you to another part of the story and making you wait for her to put it all together.  I love that kind of book.

(Click on both those links up there to find them on Amazon.)

I also wanted to show you my new pencil holder.

It is my new favorite tea from Beekman 1802 called Brace the Day.  It is a strong black tea, great for waking you up and starting your morning.  Plus, along with my “RELAX” reminder, I thought “Brace the Day” was a good sentiment too (and it sits next to the wonderful little crochet bowl my mom gave me!)

Next up: hopefully a little more crochet or knitting to show you and probably some talk about all the new patterns that I’m dying to knit.

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