A Break in the Silence

I just realized that my last post was eleven days ago!  There are quite a few things to say, so you are getting a list today….

1) There has been some knitting!

2) The Two-Hour Toe Up Slippers (that aren’t really two hours):

IMG_5746 IMG_5738

I was trying to find a good pattern to teach as a small, quick summer project.  I saw the title and thought it would be great.  Not so much.  I’m a pretty fast knitter and each one definitely took more than two hours.  And for someone learning, it would certainly take longer.  HOWEVER. This is a great class to learn some things:  Judy’s magic cast on for toe-up socks, binding off in the middle of the row, Kitchener stitch for the heel, I-cord bind off for the opening, and and I-cord flower.  So, it may still be a class, just not in the summer and not one session.

3) I have also been working on my Melodia shawl:


You cannot see the pattern terribly well 1) because of the lighting and my stellar photography skills  and 2) because the skein was dyed while in a scarf blank form (knitted into a scarf already) and then unraveled to wind it into a cake, so it is all kinked up.  Once it’s washed you will see all the pretty eyelet pattern rows.  It’s an easy pattern and fun to see how the colors are turning out.  Stay tuned. I’m almost to the greens.

4) The Wool Nook at the Altamont Fair is having a spotlight on mittens this year, so I’ve been looking for patterns to knit.  I think I’ve settled on the Sea Mineral Mittens and this yarn:


Or maybe adding one more color:


or this:


Feel free to weigh in.

6) But I really can’t decide which pattern, so I’m still thinking about these too: Wintertime for AdrianaCupcake Mittens or Chrysanthemums. Again, feel free to weigh in.

7) My One Way Tee is still in time out.

8) The Doodlebugs made something for their dad for Father’s day:

IMG_5755 IMG_5759

9) While we were at CVS, picking out our supplies, I sent a picture to their mom, saying we were picking up some lunch:


10) I finished reading The Blue Bistro By Elin Hilderbrand.  It was a nice, light romance-y book, taking place on Nantucket, that I enjoyed. Great for a beach read if you are looking for one.

11) Loving these:



4 thoughts on “A Break in the Silence

  1. definitely the Sea Mineral Mittens and the bottom/last choice of colors, the choice with the green. Looks like the ocean to me!

    1. Thanks Libby!! Looks like the last group will be it if I go with the Sea Mineral – everyone likes that one! (me too) But, I’m really liking those Chrysanthemums too…..

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