This and This

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THIS is happening:

IMG_6451 IMG_6450

And I made THIS:


Apple Crumble Slab Pie.  You should make it.  (You don’t even have to be good a rolling out crust, and let me tell you, today I was challenged in that department.  I ended up just piecing the many pieces together and smooshing them up the sides.)  And how convenient — the picture cuts off the corner I tried. ; )

No knitting to show you today.  But wasn’t that up there enough? I mean really… go make that pie.

A Few Things for a Friday

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Just a few little things for you today…

1) Here is my finished-and-now-blocking Miami Beach Shawl:

IMG_6439 IMG_6440

2) Annette asked in the comments of the last blog if I was reading anything good lately.  I read Jennifer Weiner’s Who Do You Love: A Novel and I really liked it. I’ve liked all of her books.  And every time I tell you about reading one of her books, I have to tell you that we were in the same class in high school AND we were both trees in the enchanted forest of the summer theater production of Peter Pan.  Yes we were trees, yes we were in high school, yes we decided to accept the parts anyway. We danced with the other forest creatures.  Read her book!

3) I loved yesterday’s post by the Yarn Harlot.  Gorgeous scenery.  I would love to see the Oregon coast some day.

4) It was a fall craft day for the doodlebugs on this past rainy Wednesday:

IMG_6426 IMG_6429 IMG_6434 IMG_6437

Good thing I thought ahead and had them pick up leaves on Tuesday before it rained…


(Too-big leaves went under the chair.  Ok-sized leave went on the chair.  I got to be the decider.  They were remarkably agreeable to this system.)

Have a good weekend!

Now What?

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Ok, here’s what happened: I finished watching Gilmore Girls.


I knew it was coming. I saw the seasons and the episodes dwindling on Netfilx. I just didn’t want to admit it.  And now there will never, ever be a good show for me to watch while I’m knitting, ever again. Ever. It took me a good long time to watch all the episodes. I would save them for knitting during the doodlebugs nap time or knitting on a rainy Sunday when nothing else was on and Paul was in the garage.  And I only watched when I was knitting. I never watched when I wasn’t knitting.  So there is all this good knitting mojo attached to the Gilmore mojo and I just really don’t think I will ever find another knitting-and-watching show that is as good, the kind that I that I want to save just for me and my knitting.

So now what?  Any suggestions while I wait for the just-heard-about Netflix Gilmore Girls revival series, about which I am somewhat skeptical?

In the meantime, I have nothing else to tell you (hopefully a finished shawl to show you next time), so I will share this:yarn clean house pic

Halloween and Knitting (but not Halloween Knitting)

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It was Halloween recently… did you know?  Have I talked about how I never really liked Halloween all that much?  Mostly because I always had a hard time deciding what my costume would be.  We usually created our own costumes, so I didn’t feel terribly creative.  I liked the candy, though, so I usually rallied.  These days, I’m so annoyed when I see teenagers coming around with no costumes “trick-or-treating” — get a little creative for your candy (says the pot).

However, I have loved seeing the doodlebugs get excited about Halloween and we’ve had some creative fun.  They were Marshall and Everest, pups from the Paw Patrol, and they got to wear their costumes to 4 other Halloween-y events aside from trick-or-treating.  That’s getting mileage from your costume!  One day, during the week before Halloween, we made a monster for their door.  Lots of taping and gluing and practice with scissors to create:

IMG_6381 IMG_6382 IMG_6387

The focus was on goofy and silly, not scary and it turned out great!  It was agreed that we should text their mommy and daddy a picture of the door so that they would not think they were at the wrong house when they came home.

AND, score of all scores, Paul and I got some Halloween treats (from the doodlebugs) without dressing up OR going trick-or-treating!


In knitting news, I’m on a queueing spree again and now have 415 projects on Ravelry that I’d like to knit. Ha!  But I totally love this Baa-ble Hat most of all and might have to do that first. (I think I showed that one to you already.  But I really want to make it.  SOON. However, it involves purchasing yarn because I absolutely do not have the right yarn in my ridiculous stash, so I’m waiting for the right day that I’m at the shop and the yarn jumps onto the counter, pays for itself and hops into my bag.)

But, I did finish something recently!  My second Simple Chevron Stripe scarf, which I gave to my mom for her birthday:


They are her colors and she loves it.

And I am sort of almost finished with the Miami Beach Shawl:


It kind of feels finished because the “hard” part is done – keeping track of the lace pattern (which you will see much better once it is blocked).  Now it’s the “easy” back and forth garter stitch, short-row body.  Stay tuned for the finished pictures!

I Missed Rhinebeck for This:

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I missed going to the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival (aka Rhinebeck) this year.  That is the annual festival where there are all things wonderful about yarn, wool, sheep and fried artichoke hearts.  Instead, Paul and I went to Bowling Green, Kentucky for the last drag racing event of the season, the GS Nationals.  We left at o’dark thirty on a Wednesday:


Drove for 13 hours, stayed overnight in Ohio and went 3 more hours to get there on Thursday morning.  This track is in the middle of some rolling green fields, next to a goat farm, an amusement park and a camping area:

IMG_6318 IMG_6317 IMG_6339

I did not get the chance to take a good picture of the goats.  There were a bunch of little, teeny, baby goats who were running and jumping around.  SO. CUTE.

Then there was the usual racing stuff.  Setting up our “pit area”:


Also, here is Frank:


Frank, as in Frank-who-loves-Bella-Napoli-donuts-Frank.  I took this because I love his hat, which is not a visor, it is a hat.  That is not his hair (he has a shaved head), but it matches his goatee!

And there was racing:


And there was a visit to Crafty Hands yarn shop:


Hooray for Rhinebeck-replacement-yarn!

And there was knitting-while-waiting-for-Paul-to-race:


The Miami Beach Shawl, to give to someone who is moving to Florida.

And here is where I would have put a video of the run Paul made where things started going wrong, but the file is too big and I can’t figure out how to make it smaller, and I really wish I was more technologically smart, especially because the last post ended up with upside down pictures and I have no idea why.

Suffice it to say, there was smoke coming out of the back end which resulted in this:

IMG_6330 IMG_6329

And no one knows what happened.  So, Paul stopped racing early on the last day.  Then we drove home.

Through this:


But we then got to do this:


I love when we can start a fire in the wood stove.  So cozy.

The car is now in time out in the garage, thinking about what it has done.  Paul will deal with it later.

In the meantime, we said goodbye to another car, the ’95 Bonneville:


It finally, after much fixing upon fixing upon fixing, bit the dust, so we donated to our local public radio station.  Need I say that Paul is really tired of fixing old cars (racing and daily drivers) at this point???  But, we then said hello to this 2014 Charger:

pau's car

So, Paul is enjoying driving a (mostly) new car for the first time in many many years.

And next year, we are going to Rhinebeck. (I think).

All The Fall Things

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A list of all the Fall things:

1) Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Pumpkin Spice bread, because nothing says Fall like pumpkin-y things:



2) Candles because nothing says fall like the cozy warmth of candlelight:


3) Annual trip to Lake George to bring Paul’s mom to the outlets to buy her favorite sneakers and get ice cream for the last time at Martha’s Dandee Crème because nothing says Fall like…. well, like that:

IMG_6245 IMG_6248 IMG_6249

4) Mashed Potato Casserole, because nothing says Fall like comfort food:


5) Apple Cake with Brown Sugar Frosting, because nothing says Fall like apples:


And here is where there would be a picture of the cake with the frosting if I had remembered to take it before I took it to the yarn shop and it got eaten up.  (Because it is soooooo yummy!)

6) The leaves, because nothing says Fall like the changing leaves (and that flag):



7) Hand-knitted socks, because nothing says Fall like needing hand-knitted socks because it is getting chilly:


8) A knitting class, because nothing says Fall like knitting your own cozy sweater:

And here is where there would be a picture of the class I taught today and the Tea Leaves cardigans they are all working on if I had remembered to take a picture. (I was on a forgetting-to-take-pictures roll today, apparently.)

9) A Christmas ornament knitting kit, because nothing says Fall like getting ready for winter!:


10) That is the end of my “All the….”  posts.

All the Knitting

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I’m having one of those I-don’t-even-know-where-to-start-because-I-want-to-talk-about-ALL-THE-KNITTING moments.  I have finished knitting to show you, started knitting to show you, and in-progress knitting to show you. BUT ALSO, I have knitting-that-I-really-want-to-start-right-now knitting, which came from falling down the rabbit hole on Ravelry recently.  The “Your Knitting Highlights” feature, where they suggest patterns you might like, based on what you have in your queue or on your project page or in your library, has become my downfall, because they are often right.  I like them and now my queue is 391 projects long. And I guarantee that for most of them, I don’t have the right yarn in my already obnoxiously large stash.

….And now it is 392 projects because as I typed that I realized I haven’t looked at it in 24 hours.

But anyway, on to finished knitting.  I finished the sweater that Mary commissioned me to make!

IMG_6285 IMG_6286

And here she is wearing it:


It looks great on her.  It fits her perfectly.  And she loves it.  Hooray!  This is the Vitamin D sweater.  I knit it with Tosh Sport yarn that she had, and I loved knitting with it.  Now, I want to make one for me (#393 in my queue).  It’s a great, flowy-in-front sweater.

I just remembered another finished knitting thing.  We had a special knit-in to reveal the finished socks from our sock circles at The Spinning Room.  (The sock circles were group of 8 knitters who each knit on all 8 pairs of socks and passed them around until they got back to the owner.)  Here is my groups socks:


Mine are the ones on the far right. I love them! (All these pictures were taken upside down because it was crowded at the shop!) Here are the socks from the other two groups:

IMG_6236 IMG_6235

Pretty neat, right???

So that’s it for finished knitting.  On to started knitting….I started a second Simple Chevron Scarf and worked on it while waiting to get the truck inspected:


I’ve been working on it watching tv and during the doodlebugs’ naptime and have gotten this far:


I’m using Knitting Fever Indulgence which has a little cashmere in it, so it is nice and soft.  Not my usual colors (purple, eggplant, periwinkle, sage green), but I was trying to go out of the box a little.

I also, somewhere along the way, worked a little bit on my Rhombus Feather Shawl:


Still doesn’t look like much, especially because it is not blocked.  The pattern is pretty easy to follow.  BUT, while I love this sage green color, I can’t seem to get past that I want it to look like the pattern picture.  Which is purple.  Of course.

On to the things I really want to start right this minute, but can’t because I really want to finish the other things….

This Whippet (long) which I found recently (#373 in my queue) and is the perfect project to use my O-Wool for, which is a fingering weight yarn and which I purchased specifically to make a sweater with (pictured in the upper left corner below):


This Wild Thing because it is so darn cute.

This Shetland Garden Faroese Shawl because it looks hard.

This Fino Circle Scarf because it is so darn easy and I got this yarn (the blue and the green) for it when we went to Maine this year:


(Ok, so that is two items in my queue that I CAN knit from my stash!)

And this Blue Jager Cowl because it looks so cozy and also because it is designed by a local-to-me knitter/designer, Celeste Young, and it is in her second knitting book, Baby & Me Knits! (Insert plug here:  Celeste will be at The Spinning Room yarn shop this Saturday, October 10th at 1pm selling and signing her book!)

And these Icing mitts, because they look cool, and despite my dislike for making shortened glove fingers – so fiddly!

My brain is spinning from all the must-start-now’s swimming around in my head.  But here is this that I like:




All the Cooking

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Lots of cooking has been going on around here.  [Lots of knitting too, but that’s for the next post.  I finished a sweater and started something else!]  Now that the weather is turning a little chillier (we had our first fire in the wood stove the other day!), it’s just so much more comfortable to turn on the oven and cook up a storm.

First up was Oatmeal Raisin Cookies with Cinnamon Chips:


OMG.  So good.  Paul’s racing friend Mike told us about these Hershey’s cinnamon chips, but said they were hard to fine.  They were.  Three stores later, we found them in Shop Rite.  But, oh my.  So yummy.

Then there was this easy peasy meatball recipe my sister-in-law gave me:


Frozen meatballs, a 12 oz jar of Heinz Chili Sauce and a 10 oz jar of grape jelly.  You can put them in the crock pot, or simmer on the stove for 45 minutes or so.  A tad sweet (I’d probably put in a little less jelly next time), but great with rice.  Yum!

Then there was the Eggplant Involtini:


This is a Cook’s Country (America’s Test Kitchen) recipe, so the link is for a video because you have to subscribe to their website to get the actual recipe.  Another OMG, this was so good!  I love eggplant and this was one of the best recipes I have ever made.  Eggplant slices, roasted and then rolled up with ricotta, breadcrumbs, parmesan, basil and lemon juice, simmered in tomato sauce.  Even Paul says, “It’s pretty good.”  And he doesn’t really love (or even like) eggplant all that much.

I also made Joy the Baker’s Marrakesh Carrots again:


I make this for my lunches because Paul wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole.  Carrots, raisins, chic peas, pistachios, feta cheese, lime/turmeric vinaigrette.  mmmmmmMMMMMMMM! (also, this picture is a little deceiving because it is a very small amount in a custard cup – which I put it in when I was tasting it.)

And finally, Curried Butternut Squash Soup:


Without the coconut milk because I didn’t have any.  I used some half and half. And without the chunk of palm sugar.  I used some brown sugar.  And without the shallots.  I used red onion.  Holy cow,  it’s spicy — with the 1/2 tablespoon of red pepper flakes and the 1/4 cup fresh ginger, which I probably put in more of because I didn’t exactly measure either of them.  But it’s yummy.  Also something Paul won’t eat, so into the freezer it goes for lunches another time.

Here’s what we aren’t eating:  Anything from my garden except for a few tomatoes from the plants my other sister-in-law gave me.

Specifically, we aren’t eating broccoli:


Those two tiny stalks are all we got.  Then, when I cooked them, found a green worm in them so we didn’t eat them.  Gross.  I know worms can be there, but apparently I didn’t catch it before cooking.

We also are not eating watermelon:


Four plants, several flower, one tiny fruit.  This was going to be a sweet, yellow one:


I did taste it.  Sort of sweet.

And I will try to add this to a ratatouille:


Apparently I had a micro-vegetable garden this year, but didn’t know it ahead of time.

Second to Last Trip of the Season

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Ok, so first things first:  Apparently the blog has become neglected because of my new job/schedule.  My last post was September 16.  Things are getting more settled, so more blogging will be happening.  Hooray!

A while ago (a couple of weeks), Paul and I went on our second to last racing trip of the season.  It was our yearly trip to Cecil County Drag Strip in Maryland.  Before we left that day, however, GE was having its first annual Cruisin’ on the Campus car show.  So, Paul brought his car and while he talked to everyone at GE who stopped by his car, I sat and knitted on a sweater:


And what do you know?  Paul won a trophy for best car in the Hot Rod category AND he won a trophy for the most favorite car in the whole show!  Cool right?  He put them on his desk at work:


(His pen holder is a blown piston from one of his car motors.)

Then we were on our way and I finished the body of the sweater on the car ride to Maryland:


Lots of racing that weekend and on the first day was the $5-to-guess-what-your-car-will-run-on-its-first-run-off-the-trailer contest.  I got to collect money and write down names and the times each driver thought their car would run on their first run down the track:


The person who guessed the closest to what they actually ran, ended up winning $100.  If you are not familiar with drag racing, guessing this number can be a little hard to do, unless your car is very consistent.  Paul’s car is very consistent – He won!  Hooray!

We went out to dinner at a seafood restaurant on the water:


And the next day, Paul got ready to race again:


And then there was this:


It’s not really a good idea to drag race if you can’t see the end of the track.  After a short delay, they were racing again.  Both Paul and his friend Rob were out kind of early in the rounds. Booooooo!

But on the way home we saw this, so that was nice:


(and I started knitting the second side of my One Way Tee… finally):


More to come next post….knitting, cooking, other stuff.