All the Knitting

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I’m having one of those I-don’t-even-know-where-to-start-because-I-want-to-talk-about-ALL-THE-KNITTING moments.  I have finished knitting to show you, started knitting to show you, and in-progress knitting to show you. BUT ALSO, I have knitting-that-I-really-want-to-start-right-now knitting, which came from falling down the rabbit hole on Ravelry recently.  The “Your Knitting Highlights” feature, where they suggest patterns you might like, based on what you have in your queue or on your project page or in your library, has become my downfall, because they are often right.  I like them and now my queue is 391 projects long. And I guarantee that for most of them, I don’t have the right yarn in my already obnoxiously large stash.

….And now it is 392 projects because as I typed that I realized I haven’t looked at it in 24 hours.

But anyway, on to finished knitting.  I finished the sweater that Mary commissioned me to make!

IMG_6285 IMG_6286

And here she is wearing it:


It looks great on her.  It fits her perfectly.  And she loves it.  Hooray!  This is the Vitamin D sweater.  I knit it with Tosh Sport yarn that she had, and I loved knitting with it.  Now, I want to make one for me (#393 in my queue).  It’s a great, flowy-in-front sweater.

I just remembered another finished knitting thing.  We had a special knit-in to reveal the finished socks from our sock circles at The Spinning Room.  (The sock circles were group of 8 knitters who each knit on all 8 pairs of socks and passed them around until they got back to the owner.)  Here is my groups socks:


Mine are the ones on the far right. I love them! (All these pictures were taken upside down because it was crowded at the shop!) Here are the socks from the other two groups:

IMG_6236 IMG_6235

Pretty neat, right???

So that’s it for finished knitting.  On to started knitting….I started a second Simple Chevron Scarf and worked on it while waiting to get the truck inspected:


I’ve been working on it watching tv and during the doodlebugs’ naptime and have gotten this far:


I’m using Knitting Fever Indulgence which has a little cashmere in it, so it is nice and soft.  Not my usual colors (purple, eggplant, periwinkle, sage green), but I was trying to go out of the box a little.

I also, somewhere along the way, worked a little bit on my Rhombus Feather Shawl:


Still doesn’t look like much, especially because it is not blocked.  The pattern is pretty easy to follow.  BUT, while I love this sage green color, I can’t seem to get past that I want it to look like the pattern picture.  Which is purple.  Of course.

On to the things I really want to start right this minute, but can’t because I really want to finish the other things….

This Whippet (long) which I found recently (#373 in my queue) and is the perfect project to use my O-Wool for, which is a fingering weight yarn and which I purchased specifically to make a sweater with (pictured in the upper left corner below):


This Wild Thing because it is so darn cute.

This Shetland Garden Faroese Shawl because it looks hard.

This Fino Circle Scarf because it is so darn easy and I got this yarn (the blue and the green) for it when we went to Maine this year:


(Ok, so that is two items in my queue that I CAN knit from my stash!)

And this Blue Jager Cowl because it looks so cozy and also because it is designed by a local-to-me knitter/designer, Celeste Young, and it is in her second knitting book, Baby & Me Knits! (Insert plug here:  Celeste will be at The Spinning Room yarn shop this Saturday, October 10th at 1pm selling and signing her book!)

And these Icing mitts, because they look cool, and despite my dislike for making shortened glove fingers – so fiddly!

My brain is spinning from all the must-start-now’s swimming around in my head.  But here is this that I like:




All the Cooking

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Lots of cooking has been going on around here.  [Lots of knitting too, but that’s for the next post.  I finished a sweater and started something else!]  Now that the weather is turning a little chillier (we had our first fire in the wood stove the other day!), it’s just so much more comfortable to turn on the oven and cook up a storm.

First up was Oatmeal Raisin Cookies with Cinnamon Chips:


OMG.  So good.  Paul’s racing friend Mike told us about these Hershey’s cinnamon chips, but said they were hard to fine.  They were.  Three stores later, we found them in Shop Rite.  But, oh my.  So yummy.

Then there was this easy peasy meatball recipe my sister-in-law gave me:


Frozen meatballs, a 12 oz jar of Heinz Chili Sauce and a 10 oz jar of grape jelly.  You can put them in the crock pot, or simmer on the stove for 45 minutes or so.  A tad sweet (I’d probably put in a little less jelly next time), but great with rice.  Yum!

Then there was the Eggplant Involtini:


This is a Cook’s Country (America’s Test Kitchen) recipe, so the link is for a video because you have to subscribe to their website to get the actual recipe.  Another OMG, this was so good!  I love eggplant and this was one of the best recipes I have ever made.  Eggplant slices, roasted and then rolled up with ricotta, breadcrumbs, parmesan, basil and lemon juice, simmered in tomato sauce.  Even Paul says, “It’s pretty good.”  And he doesn’t really love (or even like) eggplant all that much.

I also made Joy the Baker’s Marrakesh Carrots again:


I make this for my lunches because Paul wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole.  Carrots, raisins, chic peas, pistachios, feta cheese, lime/turmeric vinaigrette.  mmmmmmMMMMMMMM! (also, this picture is a little deceiving because it is a very small amount in a custard cup – which I put it in when I was tasting it.)

And finally, Curried Butternut Squash Soup:


Without the coconut milk because I didn’t have any.  I used some half and half. And without the chunk of palm sugar.  I used some brown sugar.  And without the shallots.  I used red onion.  Holy cow,  it’s spicy — with the 1/2 tablespoon of red pepper flakes and the 1/4 cup fresh ginger, which I probably put in more of because I didn’t exactly measure either of them.  But it’s yummy.  Also something Paul won’t eat, so into the freezer it goes for lunches another time.

Here’s what we aren’t eating:  Anything from my garden except for a few tomatoes from the plants my other sister-in-law gave me.

Specifically, we aren’t eating broccoli:


Those two tiny stalks are all we got.  Then, when I cooked them, found a green worm in them so we didn’t eat them.  Gross.  I know worms can be there, but apparently I didn’t catch it before cooking.

We also are not eating watermelon:


Four plants, several flower, one tiny fruit.  This was going to be a sweet, yellow one:


I did taste it.  Sort of sweet.

And I will try to add this to a ratatouille:


Apparently I had a micro-vegetable garden this year, but didn’t know it ahead of time.

Second to Last Trip of the Season

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Ok, so first things first:  Apparently the blog has become neglected because of my new job/schedule.  My last post was September 16.  Things are getting more settled, so more blogging will be happening.  Hooray!

A while ago (a couple of weeks), Paul and I went on our second to last racing trip of the season.  It was our yearly trip to Cecil County Drag Strip in Maryland.  Before we left that day, however, GE was having its first annual Cruisin’ on the Campus car show.  So, Paul brought his car and while he talked to everyone at GE who stopped by his car, I sat and knitted on a sweater:


And what do you know?  Paul won a trophy for best car in the Hot Rod category AND he won a trophy for the most favorite car in the whole show!  Cool right?  He put them on his desk at work:


(His pen holder is a blown piston from one of his car motors.)

Then we were on our way and I finished the body of the sweater on the car ride to Maryland:


Lots of racing that weekend and on the first day was the $5-to-guess-what-your-car-will-run-on-its-first-run-off-the-trailer contest.  I got to collect money and write down names and the times each driver thought their car would run on their first run down the track:


The person who guessed the closest to what they actually ran, ended up winning $100.  If you are not familiar with drag racing, guessing this number can be a little hard to do, unless your car is very consistent.  Paul’s car is very consistent – He won!  Hooray!

We went out to dinner at a seafood restaurant on the water:


And the next day, Paul got ready to race again:


And then there was this:


It’s not really a good idea to drag race if you can’t see the end of the track.  After a short delay, they were racing again.  Both Paul and his friend Rob were out kind of early in the rounds. Booooooo!

But on the way home we saw this, so that was nice:


(and I started knitting the second side of my One Way Tee… finally):


More to come next post….knitting, cooking, other stuff.

Thanks (Again) Frank.

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More drag racing was had the past two weekends….

IMG_6177 IMG_6195 IMG_6192

We had some really nice days and it gave me time to get a chunk of knitting done on my commissioned sweater:

IMG_6198 IMG_6184

And hang out with my pit crew collegue, Ray, doing our usual waiting-around-on-the-atv’s-in-case-we-are-needed-for-pit-crew-duties:


And then there was Frank.  Here is Frank’s new car with a brandy-new-super-duper-lots-of-horsepower engine:


But I’m not really going to tell you about his car.  We’re talking donuts.  Anyone remember this post?  Well, Frank hasn’t forgotten about those Bella Napoli jelly donuts.  So, since we will be seeing him again this weekend for racing, he is requesting we bring some.  [Or maybe Paul offered, because that is totally possible and we can’t totally blame this whole thing on Frank.  We can probably safely assume we are totally not blaming it on me.] After the racing day was over, and all the talk about donuts, those donuts were all Paul and I could think about.  How really, very yummy they are.  How Bella Napopli is pretty close if we go out of our way to the other Advance Auto on an errand for another car part.  And how we really shouldn’t wait until this weekend to buy some.  We might want to get some to make sure they are still really, very yummy…..


What the heck???  They are, AND we are of course getting more to bring to Frank, which means we will get enough for us too.  This is not great for our healthy eating goals.  Thanks (again) Frank.

And then there were these:


Enough said about that.

And in doodlebug news, there was this very unfortunate happening in the backyard:


The Big Blue Ball (as opposed to the Big Pink Ball or the Little Purple Ball or the Little Blue Ball) met its fate yesterday.  One good kick that hit just the right sharp corner of the deck and this backyard staple, that has been around for three-quarters of Mr. Doodlebug’s life, popped and deflated. Oh, the tears that gushed when he realized it was no longer play-with-able! (It had a big hole in it.)  I felt his pain, because this was such a beloved toy for him (as is the Big Pink Ball for Miss Ladybug), used in so many different, developing ways as he has grown.  There proceeded to be lots of negotiating about how to then share the Big Pink Ball, and discussion about whether or not there may or may not be a replacement some day (maybe at Christmas or his birthday, he thought), and how if there wasn’t, then there were SO MANY more balls they have that he/they could play with.  Who knew a big, blue, few-dollar ball could have such an impact?  Combine that with their first day of preschool a few days before, and this was a big week for them.

Catching Up

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Whew.  Almost three weeks since my last post.  That’s crazy.  And now it’s September.  That’s even crazier.  Where did the summer go?  As I’ve told you, things have been crazy around here for a few months and now that things are sort of, kind of, a little bit not as crazy, I’m trying this:


Here’s what’s been going on….

I made some more pickles:


I worked on my Rhombus Feather Shawl:


It’s coming along nicely, however I keep wanting it to be the color of the pattern picture on Ravelry (click up there to see it).  I love this color green, and I love, Love, LOVE this Quince & Co. Chickadee yarn, but I want it to be that purple color.

I’ve also been obsessed with these two things, which also happen to be relaxing:

IMG_6171 IMG_6172

And I got this, so now I’m making all kinds of plans for fall baking:


Then, to really get into the relaxing theme, we went on a little weekend jaunt to Cape Cod.  On the way, we drove through my alma mater:


So much has changed since I went there frffrmphr years ago.  What’s that? You didn’t hear how long ago that was? Sorry you missed it. (Twenty-four.)  Many more buildings and amenities and restaurants and cafes and stores.  I kept telling Paul, “When I went here there was Domino’s and a Wawa.  That’s it.”

Now?  Price Chopper, Moe’s, Jamba Juice, Mooyah burgers, Geno Auriemma’s restaurant and this:


THIS!!!  I would have LOVED to have this when I went here.

We, of course, couldn’t skip this:


So. Good.  This picture makes those cups look kind of small.  We got “two scoops”.   I think their scoopers are half-gallon sized.  But So. Good.

On the way to the Cape, I worked on my One-Way Tee, which has been in time out since the ripping-out-two-times-because-I’m-an-idiot-knitter-sometimes incident:


While we were there, I finished the back, finally!


We did a lot of looking at this:


Then, at low tide, walked waaaaaaay out on the flats at Rock Harbor:


(We walked from waaaaay back there.)  And watched some people harvesting oysters:


Later, at a restaurant, we heard someone ask where the oysters were from and they were from here!

We ate our favorite fried foods.  Twice.

IMG_6131 IMG_6133

The second picture is from Arnold’s.  Hands down the best onion rings, fish fry and fried clam strips.  (And salad.  We had to have some sort of vegetables eventually.)

And of course, this:


We had a nice morning view from our motel room:


Then we did some more of this:


So we would remember this:



Fair News (!) …. and some other stuff

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My Wheaten Wrap won the Reserve Champion ribbon at the fair!


Wow, what a surprise that was – I’m very proud of it.  I loved this pattern, which is by Anne Hanson and knit with her yarn, Barenaked Wools Kent DK.  There is a Wheaten hat and fingerless mitts that I would love to make so they will all match.

I also came in fifth (out of six) in the Spinning Bee!  I’m just as proud of that.  I’m not a terrifically fast spinner (obviously) but it’s fun to have a little competition.  That day, though, it was so incredibly hot and humid, which made it difficult to handle the wool but also to sit there and be dripping with sweat.  I am absolutely NOT saying that is why I came in fifth.  I can guarantee I would have come in fifth anyway.  Here is a video that Paul took of the last minute (out of 30 minutes) and in case you can’t tell (not sure about the quality of the video) I’m the one in the blue shorts and baseball hat:

Altamont Fair Spinning Bee

Next to me is my spinning nemesis friend Lisa who is clearly much faster (how does she DO that????) and she same in second!

There was the usual fair eats too.  Ribbon chips, apple cider donuts, fried mushrooms, burrito, pretzels, and on the really hot/humid day we had slushies with a half-price refill.  VERY refreshing. (I think I swore I would never list the amount of food we ate again.  But I just did.  I think a previous year’s list was slightly more embarrassing.)

We saw the Belgian draft horses:


I just can’t get over their size.

And a cute baby cow:


This year the fair had a country store for local crafters and I put some of my knitted shawls up for sale:


(They didn’t sell, but that’s ok.)

Other News:

The Doodlebugs did some painting with their birthday present from Aunt Liz and Uncle Paul:


You may notice the abandoned chair.  These paints, which are a Crayola product, and are for CHILDREN, smelled ridiculously horrible.  Mr. Doodlebug couldn’t stand it.  I didn’t blame him.  We decided to only open one color at a time, and he came back for a second try, but it was still pretty awful.  Miss Ladybug hung in there and had fun.  She really, Really, REALLY wanted to paint.

We got ice cream:


The dinner plate dahlia’s started blooming:


And then the gladioli:


We went to the Park Playhouse and saw Pajama Game:


While we waited for it to start, I worked on a commissioned project, a sweater called Vitamin D, with the super-lovely-to-knit-with yarn, madelinetosh dk.

We also had our first pick-your-own day at our CSA farm:


We are starting to get a little overrun with veggies so I’m figuring out what to cook and what to freeze and what to can.

I canned some pickles:


That’s the news.  Hopefully, there will be more knitting to show you in the next post.  This blog, after all, is called Lizy Tish Knits.

The Busy-ness

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Raise your hand if you want to know why the heck I’ve been so busy and not posting to my blog.  I’m assuming everyone is raising their hand, so I will tell you:

As I said some time ago, this September (as in, a few weeks from now) the doodlebugs will be going to preschool and my babysitting hours will be decreasing.  (I can’t believe they are four and are going to preschool already.  It seems like just yesterday that they were 3 months old and I started taking care of them.  They are big kids now and we have great conversations and it’s so fun to see them learning and growing up.)  And looking ahead, in one year, my babysitting will likely be non-existent when the doodlebugs go to kindergarten.  The question became, “What will I do with my a-little-extra time now, and then in a year, my lots-of-extra time?”  Well, at the end of March, I signed up for an online course to learn how to proofread court transcripts.  Then I took the course, and then I finished the course, and then I looked for court reporters that needed proofreaders, and then I found some, and now I’m busy.  REALLY busy.  Nights and weekends and days off busy.

As you know, I love to read, so proofreading is a good fit for me.  The transcripts I get are pretty interesting, sometimes sad (wrongful death), sometimes nauseating (worker’s comp or lawsuits due to awful injuries), sometimes funny (lawyer/lawyer banter and witness/lawyer banter).  But proofreading is different from reading-reading in that I have to look at each and every word to see if it is spelled correctly, as well as determine if certain words are wrong or left out.  Because transcripts are spoken word documentation, I cannot correct grammar or run-on sentences, so that can be a little challenging too.

The problem then became that I was so incredibly busy on nights and weekends and days off, I didn’t have time to knit, or do more knitting design, or blog.  Or see Paul every now and then.  Something had to give, especially if I want to be able to expand this job when babysitting ends.  So, I’ve decided to give up my shop-watching hours at The Spinning Room starting in September.  (I bet you thought I was going to say I’m giving up the blog!)  I will still be teaching classes and individual lessons, so I don’t really feel like I’m “leaving” the shop, I just won’t be there quite as much.  These are all very exciting changes, but they are also stressful, anxiety-provoking, big changes, so bear with me if the blog is not as riveting as it usually is.

All right. So that’s that.  Want to know what else is going on around here?

There was a PAW Patrol birthday party:


(Have I said I can’t believe they are FOUR and going to PRESCHOOL in a few weeks?????)

Don’t know Paw Patrol? How about the catchy theme song?  Come on, sing it with me:  PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol, We’ll be there on the double.  PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol, whenever you’re in trouble.  No job’s too big, no pup’s too small!  PAW Patrol, we’re on a roll!

And some dinosaur growing:


I felted the slippers I knit:


Yes, that one on the right looks bigger, but it’s not.  It’s the way I have it stuffed to dry.

I finished my Melodia shawl:

IMG_5994 IMG_6024

We’ve been watching this:


Do you know what it is?  I feel like it’s terribly obvious, but maybe not.  I think I know every episode.  Paul is annoyed impressed that I tell him everything that is going to happen.

We had ice cream:


And we did this:
IMG_6033(2) IMG_6040(2)

Go ahead and ask me how I’m going to re-fill the hummingbird feeder.

Oh, and our cars broke.  We are sharing the truck (read: Paul is driving me everywhere in the truck).

Comings and Goings

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Still pretty busy around here – this is just a crazy summer! – so you get another list of all our comings and goings:

1) We went to some non-Fourth-of-July fireworks:


This was at the end of Schenectady Summerfest.  We had no idea where we would be seeing the fireworks so we found a parking lot, hoping we could see them from there.  We sat facing the wrong direction for a while, until other people, apparently in the know, came and sat facing the other way!

2) We went to the July Guptill’s car show.  It was hot. So we got:


And saw this:


And this adorable pedal car with a lawn mower handle attached that made a perfect “stroller”:


3) I was commissioned to make these for a friend’s mother:


That’s the “before” picture.  I’m just about ready to felt (shrink) them to size.

4) We got ice cream another time:


It was so hot, I couldn’t get a picture sooner because it was melting.

5) We went to Brimfield last weekend.  Here is my haul:


A just-from-the-box (so the guy said, but I’m inclined to believe him because I’ve never seen one in this good condition) Acme dress form from the 1960’s.  A set of 4 pretty blue polka dot glasses.  The dots are raised up, but on the inside.  And two Fire King azurite blue dinner plates.  We already have two luncheon plates and two fruit bowls, so now we have a little collection going.

6) I finished my Fractal Danger:

IMG_5934 IMG_5939

I love it!  Class scheduled for Aug 8 & 22, 10:30-12:00.  Call The Spinning Room to sign up!

7) Our CSA boxes have started coming!  We (and by “we” I mostly mean “I”) enjoyed grilled scallions and squash with fig balsamic drizzle:


And we have only semi-enjoyed the chicken/pasta/kale dish I made.  It made a lot and now we are tired of it.  Tonight Paul is eating it for the second time and I am eating it for the fourth time.  Kale is pretty chewy and takes some work to choke get down.  To be fair, we made some yummy things with kale last year.  I think this batch may have been a little “mature”.  Tomorrow we are expecting collards, so I’m not really sure what/how we’ll do with that.

8) I took the doodlebugs to the park today and this kitty was there:


There was a woman there with her dogs and this is her cat, who follows them to the park all the time.   His name is Arthur.  When I was growing up we had a cat (actually two different cats) that looked almost exactly like this (I think ours had a little more white on the face).  AND their names were Arthur!  Yes, we had two cats, one after the other, that looked the same so we named them the same.  Miss Ladybug kept asking why he looked so mad, but I didn’t think he looked mad.

Stay tuned for more knitting. I  have an almost-finished something.

A Friday List

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1) Take a look at the wonderful summer window Christine knit for The Spinning Room!


She knit a mermaid! And a jellyfish!

2) After a two-week absence, we saw the ground hog.  So, his fate with the bobcat was not what we had hoped thought.

3) The weather was iffy this week, but I kept the doodlebugs busy with blanket tents/slides/hammocks:


and, in between rain showers…..


Hippity hops!!  Who remembers hippity hops???  I remember one that was red and had a horse head on it, with handles on either side of his head.  They LOVE these and bounced around for a loooooong time.  I even made an obstacle course for them to hop around.


4) Yet again, not much knitting.  It’s coming, though, because I currently have no classes scheduled to teach at The Spinning Room.  I have to get crack-a-lackin’!

The Rest of the Vacation That Didn’t Include Yarn Shops

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So, after our two-day trek, we were FINALLY at our hotel.

Ok, but first let me tell you this:  Before we left, I organized all the knitting I was going to take:


That is SEVEN projects, plus a needle for the potential project for the Quince & Co. yarn I was going to buy.  You just never know which project will be the best to work on at certain times, so I wanted to be prepared.

I started the Fractal Danger shawl on the car ride, because that was a great car-knitting project:


But, then I bought all that yarn on the way up, and I wanted to start knitting with it right away.  So, forgetting about the bag with the 7 other projects in it (I seriously did not even look at it or open it the whole time we were there), on the first day at the hotel, I got out my swift, whose name is Paul:


…. wound up some Chickadee yarn and started the Rhombus Feather Shawl.

And this was our favorite spot:


Sitting on the balcony off of our room, looking at the water, listening to the water lapping on the rocks, watching (with our binoculars) the fishing boats and kayaks and sailboats and tour boats go by, people watching (as they walked on the path along the water), knitting, having a beer or a soda.  We did this for many hours, until this:


…and we finally went inside because it got chilly.

EVERY. DAY.  So nice.

But we did other things too.  We went to a car cruise at a local burger/ice cream joint:


Where we got the one and only ice cream of our trip (shocker!) (and no picture).

We went to Jordan Pond and walked on the carriage roads for a bit:




And had lunch at the Jordan Pond House, with their famous popovers:


The popovers were gone before I remembered to take a picture.  So yummy with butter and strawberry jam.  The meatloaf sandwich and turkey BLT were good too.

We obsessed about this boat (while sitting on our balcony for hours):


How many passengers? (1100) How many staff were there? (500 – no kidding. Practically half the number of passengers.) Were those lifeboats that they were using to ferry everyone back and forth to the harbor? (yes, they fit 90 as a ferry, 150 as a lifeboat) How many floors are there? (11, but we could only count 8) Where the heck would they fit a pool? (on top, near the back)  Can we see any people on there? (yes, if we used our binoculars)  When will it leave?  (when we were at dinner. Damn.)

We saw the movie Inside Out at Reel Pizza:


Great pizza.  FUNNY movie.

We visited a lighthouse:


We (really, I) shopped for tea:


And then we did this again:

IMG_5838 IMG_5814

It. Was. Great.  We didn’t want to leave.