Knitting Again

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Hooray for knitting again!  After giving myself a good two-week break, with a short bout of knitting to prepare for a class I was teaching, my arms are feeling better and I’m knitting again. HOORAY!!

First, though, I went to the chiropractor, who did this:


I love Kinesio tape.  It helped my arms feel much better.

My main goal was to be ready to knit during the long car trips this past Thanksgiving weekend.  And to knit s-l-o-w-l-y.  And take stretching breaks often.  So what would normally take me about a day, took me three days:



This is the TinCanKnits Barley Hat made with Periwinkle Sheep Merino Aran in Elderberry. LOVE.

It has been extremely hard for me to slow down. Especially because I am in an I-want-to-knit-ALL-THE-THINGS phase. And that is probably because I’ve acquired a little bit of yarn lately. There was that WEBS trip I told you about in the last post. And then there was some black Friday and day-after-small-business-Saturday shopping:


And an impulse buy from ENGLAND!….


A gorgeous crochet afghan kit for a crochet-a-long that starts in January.

I’m in deep. And I don’t know what to knit with first.

So, while I’m deciding, I’ll tell you about some other stuff that has happened.

We had this a few days before Thanksgiving:

img_7805 img_7806

7 inches!  Down in town (2 miles away), there was nada. So pretty, though, right?

At Thanksgiving dinner near Boston, we met Leo:

img_7831 img_7821

There is nothing like a soft, adorable puppy to make you want to get a dog again. (We are seriously thinking about potentially getting one. Possibly.)

Then, in Virginia, we learned a lot about George Washington at Mount Vernon:


And spent some time with Jake:


Who also made us want to seriously think about potentially getting a dog again.  Possibly.

I taught three classes the weekend before Thanksgiving and forgot to take pictures of two of them.  Here are the results of the fingerless mitt class:


Hooray for learning a million techniques in one little thumb gusset!

And finally, tell me what’s wrong with this picture:


NOTHING!! We gave it the old college try with the CRV but unfortunately things just started going wrong and it wasn’t economical to keep fixing it (no matter how hard Paul, with his mad mechanic skillz, worked).  So we got a two-fer: We traded in two old cars for one new car and I love it.

Stay tuned for the next post when I show you something crazy I did and you get to vote!

Not Knitting

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I am currently on a knitting hiatus and boy am I cranky. I’m dealing with some knitter’s elbowitis in both my elbows and basically, I need to not use them. HA! How is that possible you ask? I. DON’T. KNOW. Because you literally have to use your elbows for everything. Including typing this post (which will be short because of that). Including chopping vegetables and cooking in general. Including folding laundry.  Including doing proofreading. Including vacuuming (not sad about not doing that though). But knitting definitely exacerbates the situation, so I’m also not doing that.

It’s killing me. Do you know what it is like to watch tv without knitting? Sucks. Do you know what it is like to see all the new patterns coming out on Ravelry and not be able to start them? Sucks.  Do you know what it is like to have 8 million knitting projects staring at you from across the room and not be able to knit them?  Sucks.

Do you know what it is like to ride in a truck for 3 1/2 hours each way to pick up a lift for Paul’s garage without knitting? SUPER sucks.

Said lift being picked up in New Hampshire:


Don’t know what it is?  It’s one of these and it “lifts” cars up so you can work under them without wrecking your back and neck on a creeper:


My treat for going all this way without knitting was to stop here on the way home:


Where I bought a heck-load of yarn (on super discount):


….which I can’t knit with.

Can you see why I’m cranky? It’s been a long four days.**

**Yep, I totally just went on and on about something that has only been going on for four days. It honestly feels like so. much. longer. Fingers crossed it will only be for a couple more days. Ibuprofen and a tennis (knitter’s) elbow wrap I think are helping.

Anne with an “E”

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There are just some things that you decide to get and there isn’t really a need or a reason.  You just have to.  You see it and you just know.

I got an email from Knitcircus Yarns and I just had to get this:


Knitcircus is known for their gradient yarns and they are just beautiful.  This one is called “Anne with an E” and once I saw the name I knew I had to get it.  Simply because of the name. I love Anne of Green Gables and this yarn is named after that series.  I never did read the books but watched it on tv and I just loved the story.  Seeing this yarn and it’s name brought back nice memories and that is the only reason I had to have it.  But that is a perfectly good reason, don’t you agree? Now to decide what to make with it.

More Pumpkin

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You might remember I posted a little while ago about my love of all the pumpkin things….


The love continues with this so very yummy pumpkin bread from Smitten Kitchen:

img_7744 img_7745

It had this yummy cinnamon-sugar crust on top and it is delicious.  I brought it to The Spinning Room and the class participants and customers agreed!

Speaking of knitting classes, here are the in-progress slippers-to-be-felted:


And here are the beginnings of the Miss Winkle scarves(with pumpkin bread):


And here are the beginnings of the Superhero Hats (all being made for girls!):


And speaking of more pumpkins…. I showed you my Spice Pumpkin that I made on the trip to Rhinebeck:



Well, I can’t stop making them…

img_7737 img_7746


I’ve actually made five but gave one away and I’m about to start another one.  Pretty soon I’m going to have a whole patch full.

Freakishly Excited

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Have you ever been freakishly excited about something?  Meaning, so incredibly excited you don’t know what to do with yourself. And also pretty sure no one else will understand why you are so excited about it.

Well, about five weeks ago, my mom gifted me her 2005 CRV with 166,000 miles on it (thanks Mom!).


It’s old and has a lot of miles on it BUT it’s still in pretty good shape and it’s got all-wheel drive so it will be great when I’m trying to get up “The Hill” to our house in the winter. Exciting right?  I know what you are thinking:  “Sort of,” if you are trying to be nice.  “Not really,” if you are being honest.

Here is what I am freakishly excited about:


I have waited FIVE WEEKS to show you this. They came in the mail yesterday. It was the longest wait of my life, running to the mailbox every day to look for them. I couldn’t believe that no one in this huge state of New York had these, what with all the other obsessed knitters like me out there.  And trust me, there are A LOT of them.

So, why am I over-the-top excited? Because I love knitting.  Because I am obsessed with knitting. Because I’m proud of my knitting.  Because it’s what I do all. the. time.

I’m never giving these plates up.  NEVER.  Not even when I’m 99 and can’t drive anymore. (I hope I’ll still be knitting though.)

Rhinebeck Recap

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The New York State Sheep and Wool Festival (aka Rhinebeck) came and went this last weekend. In the world of a knitter, it is a HUGE deal.  We look forward to and save up for it all year.  Tons of vendors with tons of yarn and tons of roving and tons of whatever a knitter could want or need and tons of things a knitter doesn’t know they want or need.  Paul and I were there at 8:30.  Gates open at 9:00.   I like to be very prepared and early so that we don’t have to wait on this:


Or this:


…which formed as we waited somewhere near the front.  It would kill me to be way back there and watch all the people going in and getting all the things and then there would be none left. (I know, I’m nuts.  Seriously? ALL the things are going to get taken before I get there?? I have said it before:  Paul is a very patient husband.)

It was pretty chilly when we first arrived but then it warmed up nicely and it was the perfect fall day.  We browsed the festival and ate our usual treats.  I got fried artichokes and Paul got a pretzel and we got kettle corn.  We saw some sheep:


We people watched:


(That is well-known knitwear designer Stephen West.  Wearing knitted pants.)

And took a selfie:


And I took a picture of Paul in his most awesome vest with the hand sewn zipper and ribbon:


He likes it and wants another.  But blue.  And with pockets.  We bargained that it would have buttons and not a zipper this time, though.

We did all the shopping:


Project bag and stitch markers from The Spinning Room; dryer ball, felted coasters, felted aromatherapy ball, and roving from Weston Hill Farm; and two skeins of Atlantic yarn in the limited edition Blue Moon color from North Light Fibers which is on Block Island.  Notice the blue-not-purple theme going on? (What is wrong with me?)

Then, when we were all done, it was lunchtime, and I went to get my newest favorite:


But… the line.  It was long:


(It goes out of my picture to the right.)  See aforementioned comment about the entry line.  I just don’t have the patience.  So we walked around the town of Rhinebeck and found:


Great panini’s!

In the car I knitted a little Spice Pumpkin:



A fun and beautiful day!


DAYS to spare

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You know how you put off something because it feels like the most GINORMOUS task in the world and it feels like it will take FOREVER and be HARD?  That is completely how this sewing of the ribbon to Paul’s zipper felt.  But do you know how also lots of times those ginormous tasks don’t seem so terrible once you get started?  That is completely how the sewing of the ribbon to Paul’s zipper went.





Now, I didn’t say I did the best job in the whole world, just that it wasn’t as bad as I thought.  Each side of the ribbon (there were 4) took me about a half-hour each (not HOURS and DAYS and YEARS…).  Not too bad!  You can see that there is some (*ahem* a lot of) puckering but when Paul tried it on, it looked fine.  (You don’t get to see a picture of him in it until we take one at Rhinebeck, which was deadline day.)  I’m not really aspiring to get great at sewing in zippers, though.  The next time, I will pay my friend Janell who is an excellent seamstress, to do it for me!  This one, though, I wanted to be able to say I did the whole vest myself just for Paul.

And seriously, last week when I had 8 days to go, I was absolutely certain it would be down to the wire.  And after that day, three more days went by before I actually got to work on it.  I had no idea I’d have three days to spare!

Because in the mean time, I taught three knitting classes over the weekend.  I missed getting a picture from the final session of the Silverleaf class, but everyone was doing really well and will have some really nice shawls!

The Felted Clogs (slippers) class was also off to a great start:


(Yes, those will be slippers. Stay tuned for a picture after the second class in two weeks.)

And the Sleeping Owl Tea Cosy (yes, it is spelled “Cosy” and not “Cozy”) class also went really well:


So cute!

In other knitting news, I made the first of two Maine Morning Mitts for a fingerless mitts class I will have in November:


These are SO comfortable.  The 2X1 ribbing just hugs your hand and feels so nice.

Then, my knitting friend Sue tagged me on Facebook to show me the Rough Waters pattern and for some reason I just had to make it, thinking it would also make a great class, possibly in December:

img_7680 img_7674

That was one of those I-can’t-believe-you-showed-me-that-because-now-I-have-to-make-it-and-really-have-so-many-other-things-to-knit kind of things.  But, it was a quick knit apparently, because I was done in about three days.

Ok, that’s it for now.  Except to say it’s really fall now and I’m dying to make some apple crisp.  Or apple something.  Enjoy a changing-leaves picture from our yard:




T minus 8 Days

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Popping in quickly to tell you this:

Remember this?


Paul’s really cool vest that I knitted.  AND steeked.  AND put a zipper in.  AND started to put the finishing cover-up ribbon on.  AND then ran out of steam…. And then, back in late March he said, “Don’t worry about it now.  The weather is getting warmer so I won’t be able to wear it until next fall anyway.  Have it ready for Rhinebeck.”

I now have 8 days to finish the finishing…..


Wish me luck.

All the Fall Things

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We are doing all the fall things around here…

1) Wearing wool socks:


2) Decorating the yard with mums, cornstalks and the wagon-wheel-find from the Madison/Bouckville Antiques Fair:


(Can you still see the well post?)

3) Making yummy gingerbread scones (King Arthur Flour mix = SO. SO. GOOD!):


4) Making lasagna when my mom/sous-chef visited:

img_7650 img_7651 img_7653

5) Watching the leaves turn from the view from my office:

6) Buying yummy fall treats:


(Those pumpkin spice English muffins are not as good as I wanted them to be.  I know a lot of people think the pumpkin spice thing is annoying but I am a total sucker for all the pumpkin spice things.)

7) Teaching a class for a cozy shawl/scarf (Silverleaf) while eating cookies:


8) And, of course, the knitting.

I finished the Retreat Cowl, and scheduled a class for November:

img_7635 img_7637

Finished the No-Purl Ribbed Scarf and scheduled a class for November too:


Felted slippers class is coming up this weekend and there are still openings if you want to join…. they are so. So. SO comfy!

What fall things have YOU been doing?

Where we last were…

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I think we had gotten back from our Vermont trip, right?  Here is what you missed (in case you were wondering…):

First and foremost, the doodlebugs started all-day, every day kindergarten and they don’t need me anymore. **SNIFF**  I took care of them half a week for FIVE years and I can’t believe how grown up they are.  I will miss them on Tuesdays and Thursdays but I’m so happy that they are loving school and since we are related, I’ll still get to see them pretty often!  Along with some Reeses peanut butter cups and a comfy blanket with pictures of them on it, they gave me a wonderful thank you card:

img_7586 img_7588

There was also Labor Day which meant the Buick/Olds/Pontiac Challenge (which Paul WON – winner winner chicken dinner!) and Musclepalooza and a busy racing weekend.  I had to get this picture of my pit crew buddy Ray behind me in the staging lanes:


He didn’t look too thrilled.

And sometimes there is this:


My job was to hurry up and get the gas container because if Paul won that round, he would need more.  He did!

The following weekend we went to Cape Cod for our almost-yearly after-the-crowds-leave trip.  I’ll tell you what… it was still crowded.  Here is what was good about the weekend:


A yummy meal at Arnold’s.(Yes we got SALAD with our fried-everything-else.)


A beautiful sunset in Rock Harbor.



A visit to a yarn shop I hadn’t been to before in Chatham called A Great Yarn.  Such a great little shop (that was also a bookstore!).  I was flattered when she told me I was too young to remember what their button holder was. (I’M NOT!)  The blue yarn in the above photo was dyed especially with the town of Chatham in mind.  And the purple yarn is Koigu KPPPM which I love.  And it’s purple.

The rest of the weekend everything else seemed to not be going our way.  On the way to the Cape, we stopped at the Brimfield antique show and it was so humid, we left there sopping wet.  The bathroom in our hotel room was malfunctioning in several ways the first night, with no other room for us to move to.  There were tiny ants all over our table at the breakfast place we like to go to.  We specifically went to Cape Cod because we love to sit on the beach and listen to the waves, but it was so windy we couldn’t even walk and the sand was blowing in our faces.  The rest of the time it was horribly humid.  Then on the way home, at a rest stop, I slammed my thumb in the trunk of the car, getting it stuck and necessitating me banging on the trunk to get Paul to push the button to open it up.

Several days of not knitting later…

I was able to rally when we went to Maryland for the last race of the season.  In the car, I was able to work on the baby sweater I was supposed to finish several days earlier (see aforementioned trunk incident):


And then I finished it, blocked it and sewed buttons on it in the hotel room:


So I could give it to the recipient (sort of).


That’s Denny and Renee talking to Paul and Rob – the sweater was for their grandbaby! (The discussion here is around why Paul’s slick – the back racing tire – was flat and would the plug hold the next time he went down the track.  It did.)

Returning home from Maryland, there was a frenzy of rescheduling cancelled knitting lessons (see aforementioned trunk incident), frantically knitting samples for upcoming classes since I lost some days:

img_7627 img_7626


…and now figuring out how to work in the commissioned seaming and blocking projects I have waiting for me that got even further delayed (see aforementioned trunk incident).

Whew – good thing I have a little extra time now that the doodlebugs are in school!

P.S. I also couldn’t resist getting the last two skeins of Periwinkle Sheep Elderberry during the grand re-opening week at The Spinning Room because not only is it my favorite purple in the world, I got several more chances to enter the raffle (which I didn’t win):


P.P.S More information on the yarn and patterns up there the next time.